Destination - Lake Maltschach

The idyllic Lake Maltschach is located right in the heart of Carinthia, nestled in a gentle hilly landscape at the foot of the Nock Mountains between Feldkirchen and Lake Wörthersee. There are also several other lakes in the region which are within easy reach.  Spend a day relaxing at Lake Flatschach, and then embark on a sailing trip on Lake Ossiach the following morning, before enjoying a hearty dinner overlooking Lake Wörthersee in the evening.

Lake Wörthersee is the largest bathing lake in Carinthia and the most popular lake in Austria due to its almost Mediterranean climate and serene southern ambience. Its warm, turquoise-green waters provide unlimited swimming enjoyment, while the pristine natural surroundings promise rest and relaxation, along with plenty of exciting events and some lively nightlife.

Klagenfurt is the southernmost state capital city in Austria and is an appealing destination thanks to its southern charm, beautiful old town, and vast array of leisure activities. Take in the sights on a stroll through the city, including the Lindwurm fountain, city hall, and countless immaculate courtyard gardens which are perfect for relaxing. Villach is the second largest city in Carinthia and is well worth a visit for its historical old town, cultural diversity, and a wide range of sporting activities.

The Nock Mountains, which form a national park in the high mountain region, are a unique feature, characterised by gently rolling hills and pine and larch forests. The Nockberge Biosphere Reserve is the ideal way for hikers and cyclists to explore the surrounding natural and cultural landscape.